PT. Kaltimex Energy Officially Certified as Authorized MWM Service Partner in Indonesia

Mannheim, January 10, 2019

The objective of the seminar was to introduce PT. Kaltimex Energy as the official service partner of MWM in Indonesia. Founded in 1996, Jakarta-based Kaltimex was the first enterprise in the private sector to receive an IPP license for a 23-MW power plant for a large textile company in central Java.

The partnership between MWM and PT. Kaltimex Energy is not entirely new. For about 19 years, Kaltimex Energy Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd (KEBD) has been the authorized MWM distributor in Bangladesh and is the first certified MWM Distributor in Asia. So far, the company has installed gas engines with a total output of more than 750 MW throughout the country. In Indonesia, MWM gas engines with a total output of more than 428 MW installation thus far.

At the energy generation seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia. From left to right: Mr. K. K. Ralhan (Founder - Chairman Kaltimex Group and President Director PT. Kaltimex Energy), John J. Jacob (Director PT. Kaltimex Energy and CEO Kaltimex Energy Bangladesh), Uwe Sternstein (Head of Service & Parts Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH), Mrs. Jayashree Ralhan (Vice Chair of Kaltimex Group and Commissioner PT. Kaltimex Energy). Photograph: © PT. Kaltimex Energy

MWM Gas Engines Counteract Power Supply Bottlenecks in Indonesia

MWM Gas Engines Supply 28 MW In Riau, Indonesia:

In early 2016, 14 MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engines were installed in the Indonesian province of Riau to counteract the power outages and energy bottlenecks that frequently occurred in the region. Each of the power gensets has a capacity of 2 MWel. A parallel operation is possible. In this way, decentralized power and heat energy generate regularly. Apart from ensuring reliable power supply, the energy generation reduces costs, as it uses more efficiently available resources, and the power generated by the distributed system delivers various new income opportunities.

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