From The President Director

At Kaltimex Energy, we propel our inner strength and catapult the desire to provide the most reliable, efficient, competitive, and environmentally friendly solutions for Energy (Power). We were the pioneers in the distributed power and cogeneration plants of up to 25 MW with a Build-Own-Operate and Transfer model in Indonesia.

We must serve and allow you to enjoy financially sound, technology-oriented power solutions, and continuously remain our goal for growth. We take pride in our focus as we strive to expand our spectrum in niche markets, intensify existing partnerships alongside new ones, and introduce breakthrough and state-of-the-art energy conservation products, services, and technologies. Kaltimex Energy is your partner for business when the best decisions come to mind.

We have a process-based approach to business, emphasizing consistency, transparency, continual improvement, and a level of business sophistication.
Trust, Value, and Service remain our foundation for doing business with you.

John V. Jacob

President Director