Energy Saving Solutions

Kaltimex has been assisting clients in saving energy and operating more cost-effectively for years, implementing energy efficiency projects across its industrial and commercial customer base.

With energy prices rising, and global warming and greenhouse gas emission issues requiring competent responses from the government and business sectors, Kaltimex implements the most cost-effective and productive energy saving solutions and provides long-term performance guarantees.

Kaltimex works with significant energy users, such as hospitals, hotels, commercial office buildings, and industrial plants in the pharmaceutical, paper, chemical, textile, cement, food and beverage processing, building materials, and brewing sectors to reduce their energy costs up to 35% per year.

Kaltimex provides a turnkey service to clients that begins with energy utilization analysis and then progresses through the well-developed methodology of design, construction, commissioning, measurement, and verification to ensure high performance of the energy conservation project.

Our main objective is to meet our clients’ needs by establishing mutual long-term relationship agreements, utilizing a range of services:

  • EMC (Energy Management Consulting)
  • D&C (Design and Construct)
  • EPC (Energy Performance Contracting)
  • REP (Re-develop Energy Plant)
  • BOOT (Build, Own, Operate & Transfer Energy Plant)
  • SEC (Small Embedded Cogeneration & Trigeneration)

    Total Energy Solutions

    Kaltimex focuses on reducing specific energy consumption, resulting in cost efficiency over the plant’s life span. Savings gained are without reducing comfort level or output productivity and are utilized to repay project cost.

    Alongside these benefits, the clients achieve reduced waste, improving its profit performance and environmental credentials. For every reduction megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy consumption, there is a simultaneous reduction of approximately one ton of CO2.