Plastic to Oil (Biofabrik)


WASTX Plastic converts plastic waste into syngas and pyrolysis oil of Euro grade 3.

The technology is scalable and modular in design.

The capacity ranges from 1-5-ton plastic per day.

Wastx Plastic

The oil production is almost 85-90% of the input material depending upon its purity.  The plant processes plastic waste such as HDPE, LDPE. The containerized plant is highly automated and does not require more than one or two operators continuously. The pyrolysis process produces syngas that can be directly used in a gas engine. The pyrolysis oil has a good demand from the MNCs that use it to reduce their carbon footprint.

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WASTX oil technology processes up to 3000L/day of waste oil, remove impurities, and produces clean base oil.  Its compact and sleek design and automated controls make it a profitable option for clients to cater to the larger processing companies that use such base oils.

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On Nov. 25, 2020, Kaltimex Energy hosted a webinar to introduce Biofabrik’s WASTX revolutionary technology that processes waste plastic or waste oil into synthetic fuel. Watch the Webinar here for an insight into how Kaltimex and Biofabrik’s WASTX technology together can help make your business highly profitable while reducing plastic and oil pollution.


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