Steam Turbines (Maxwatt Turbo Systems)

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Kaltimex represent Maxwatt Turbo Systems, one of India’s leading steam turbine manufacturers providing several products:

  • Steam turbines of up to 10,000 kW capacity
  • Energy recovery turbines of up to 2000 kW capacity
  • Centrifugal vapor compressors of up to 100 Tons per Hour (at 1 Bar pressure).
ARETS 5 with Reaction Blading

Maxwatt’s unique design and time-tested features provide high performance and reliability for small turbine solutions with competitive pricing. A customized approach coupled with expertise in the field offers clients efficient product choices. 

Maxwatt also offers a fully integrated Steam Turbine Generator Package for industrial cogeneration, power generation, and energy recovery applications including the following: 

  • Back Pressure
  • Extraction or Induction with Back pressure
  • Condensing 
  • Extraction or Induction with Condensing
Maxwatt Industrial Co-generation &
Power Generation Turbines

Maxwatt Turbo Systems offers the perfect selection of carefully sized turbine generator sets to meet each palm oil mill’s requirement based on its operating parameters. 

Maxwatt uses the “Optimized Flow Path using Modular System” concept with the following benefits:

  • Faster availability of spares due to the commonality of standard modules 
  • Optimization of design & manufacturing time due to the availability of common parts 
  • Reduced development cost & time for newer applications 
  • Potential to produce a varied range of turbines using standard modules 

Maxwatt and Kaltimex can provide after-sales services, maintenance overhauls, refurbishment, uprating, and upgrading existing steam turbines to improve efficiency and output. 

Kaltimex is well-positioned to deliver steam turbines for electric generators and mechanical drives for palm oil mills and has expertise in packaging steam turbines of up to 10 MW. In meeting the mill owners’ diverse demands, Kaltimex provides its engineers and technicians with professional training. It is proud to have supplied and commissioned over 210 units. Our recent flagship project was a turnkey 6 MW Turbine and BOP (Balance of Plant) project for an IPP developer in Batulicin, South Kalimantan.