CoGeneration & TriGeneration

Kaltimex has installed various cogeneration and trigeneration systems using waste energy from the exhaust of diesel and gas gensets and combining with vapor absorption machines, thereby increasing the overall efficiency from around 35% in the open cycle up to 80% in the trigeneration mode. Cogeneration and trigeneration are energy-saving solutions for those facilities that operate 24/7, use excessive power, and have significant heating and cooling loads.. 


The trigeneration based turnkey power plant running in a prestigious five-star hotel and resort in Bali, four-star hotel in Semarang, and a water bottling unit in Jakarta, among others, is a testimony of Kaltimex’s expertise in all three areas, namely Power Generation, Steam, and Air Conditioning. A rare combination is made available to clients under one roof.


Kaltimex provides engineering services, including design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance packages of power plants on cogeneration and trigeneration modes.