Biogas & Bio-CNG (WABIO)

WabioWabio is a leading German engineering, design, and biological-chemical process company. Its focus is in the areas of Biogas and Alternative Energy Technologies, including Bio-CNG, for over 25 years.

Its innovative biogas technology uses substrate processing by hydrolyzing, utilizing aerobic & anaerobic digestion, and phase separation of residual materials through a fermentation process. All of this results in an unmatched volume of biogas generation, after going through a biogas desulphurization process. This high percentage of methane can be compressed to become Bio-CNG. Biogas could also be fed to Gas Engines to generate electricity. Another unique feature of Wabio’s biogas technology is the generation of residue rich in nutrients, an organic NPK fertilizer. The gas yield from Wabio technology is one of the highest in its class of business.

Wabio Process

Biogas Plant for EFB + POME

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Bad Kostritz, Germany

Roding, Germany