Power Plant Automation

Power Plant Automation is an integral part of Kaltimex Energy’s major work of control functions. These delicate microprocessor controllers are being supported by the cutting-edge technology under KALCON Systems. 

Automation of Diesel Gensets, Gas Gensets and Steam Turbine Generators in industries including palm oil, textiles, steel mills and other Power Plants, supplied by us rely greatly on our Automation System. 

The unrivaled pre-wired and tested KALCON Systems make easy both installation and commissioning, as it also enables the Generators and Prime Movers to operate with assorted Movers or Grid. 

A list of the many advantages intertwine with the physically heavy equipment, while microprocessor based controllers thrust gears and take power resulting in speedy response and maximum reliability. The System has proven to score extensively allowing:

  • Economical loading of Prime Movers in a system which reduces fuel consumption.
  • Protection for Prime Movers and Generators in safe-guarding equipment.
  • KW & KVAR ramp UP/DOWN functions for wear and tear reduction.
  • Cost on maintenance and down time reduction.
  • Maintenance of bus frequency and voltage without fluctuation, an added value for utility loads.
  • Minimized chances of power outages and equipment break down.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.

Typical Automation Instruments