Products & Services

Power Generation
Kaltimex Energy partners with world's most renowned brands in power generation. As an established group in power industry, Kaltimex always brings the best to provide solutions to its clients.

Total Power Solutions
Kaltimex provides total power solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients. Kaltimex is your reliable partner, whether you need temporary or long term power without the hassle of you building anything. Let us handle everything so that you can focus on your business. We also have the capabilities to offer you EPC in case that is required. Kaltimex Energy has extensive O&M experience to achieve high availability, performance, profitability and safety as well.

Renewable Energy
With the increasing need for greener and sustainable energy, Kaltimex Energy is committed to contributing to this challenging global initiative. As a Total Power Solutions company, we have a higher calling to offer services in this field.

Energy Efficiency