Vapor Absorption Machines

Voltas LogoAs far as green cooling solutions go, vapor absorption chillers (VACs) are top-of-the-line. A VAC uses waste heat source to produce chilled water, which is then used to air condition an area. The process involves the basic principle of evaporation and condensation to provide cooling, and is particularly efficient in large areas.

Waste heat could come from the exhaust of a gas turbine or reciprocating engine, the flue gas from dryers, boilers, kilns and others. As the power source is waste heat and not electricity, there is practically zero fuel cost. It also utilizes non-CFC refrigerants, primarily water, resulting in low carbon emissions.

VAM Installed

Voltas is India's largest air conditioning company, and one of the world's premier cooling solutions providers and project specialists. Set up in 1954, Voltas is India’s premier air conditioning and engineering services company. The company’s core competence lies in management and execution of electro-mechanical projects, most significantly in air conditioning and refrigeration; design, manufacture and marketing of cooling appliances and air conditioning and refrigeration equipment; and supply, installation and service support of engineering-based products and solutions. All of the company’s capabilities are ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Voltas has designed and executed a diverse array of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC&R) applications for intelligent office complexes, airports, banks, shopping malls, multiplexes, call centres, information technology parks, pharmaceutical production plants, clean rooms, hospitals, electronics and telecommunication facilities, naval warships and mercantile ships, cold storages for horticulture and meat produce, process chilling facilities, ordnance factories, atomic energy and other power plants.

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