Co-Generation & Tri-Generation

Kaltimex Energy has installed a variety of co-generation and tri-generation systems by using waste energy from exhaust of diesel and gas gensets and combining with vapor absorption machines, thereby, increasing the overall efficiency from around 35% in open cycle to close to 80% in the tri-generation mode. Co-generation and tri-generation are energy saving solutions for those facilities which operate 24/7, use excessive power and have large heating and cooling load. 


The tri-generation based turnkey power plant running in a prestigious five star hotel and resort in the island of Bali is a testimony of Kaltimex Energy’s expertise in all the three areas namely Power Generation, Steam and Air Conditioning. A very rare combination made available to clients under one roof. A truly Total Power Solutions incorporating Kaltimex Energy’s core competency in design, engineering, procurement, construction, project management, O&M and technology solution.


Kaltimex Energy provides engineering services including design, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance packages of power plants on co-generation and tri-generation modes. 

Kaltimex Energy’s expertise in ‘absorption chillers’ stands at a leading edge to build, operate and support installation on co-generation and tri-generation modes for a line of diverse applications in the industry. 

Kaltimex Energy’s fully trained sales and service team opens the door for advice on these co-generation and tri-generation systems starting from concept to commissioning. We also undertake 'maintenance contracts' on a regular basis.