What’s Behind Our Identity

After helping companies create and conserve energy for over a decade, we felt compelled to propel our business to the next level. This level is exciting and close to our heart. It is a new beginning to another fulfilling journey.

We felt the need to be an influence in making a small difference to change the world. The next level is about the environment. Therefore, Kaltimex Energy is going green in an effort to be an environmentally conscious company.

The first step towards this goal was to have a new logo and identity. The new logo is all about an engineering company with a “green” attitude; hence the specific maroon and green color choices. It consists of two main elements/icons – the Tuning Fork (or the Key) and the Arrows.

Key n Fork

Tuning Fork
Represents the core or foundation of Kaltimex Energy as a corporation. It symbolizes the resonance of ideas, power, and energy; human connections and interactions plugging in into the core; production and transfer of energy.

Symbolizes a natural, ecological, organic, fluid, and continuation of process and thoughts; recycling, circulating, transfer, and flow of active energy in motion. At the same time, the arrows also become the security blanket in which Kaltimex Energy operates – Total Power Solutions.

Represents the corporate side of Kaltimex Energy. It symbolizes vibrancy, life, vitality, and warmth.

Represents our higher calling and dreams. It symbolizes nature, environment, health, and prosperity.

Kuping Gajah

Kuping Gajah
We have also adopted a plant in the Araceae family of plants called “Kuping Gajah” or “Elephant’s Ears” as our secondary image. This plant reflects our company and business spirit. A solid stem as foundation supporting a broad network of veins that makes up the leaf. It is a symbol of a strong company that reaches out to you in fulfilling your power needs and helping you to conserve and use efficiently.